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Documentary film of child slavery for chocolate farms

Did you know that the vast majority of the chocolate you eat was produced in part by child slave labor? The Ivory Coast in east Africa is responsible for a huge portion of the world’s cocoa supply and they almost exclusively use child slave labor. The farmers kidnap or buy kidnapped child slaves and put [...]

The importance of documentary films

Filmmaking is a powerful medium and it’s important that documentary filmmakers continue to use it to talk about social issues, push their agendas, and more. As long as they entertain and inform us they’re doing a service, even if you happen to disagree with what the documentarian is saying. What’s important is that he or [...]

The scary reality of documentary film Food Inc

If you want to get a little freaked out about what you eat and what you take into your body then watch documentary film Food Inc. It’s a sobering look at the US agricultural and food production business and it shows with excellent clarity just how compromised the whole thing is. What becomes clear is [...]

Documentary film The Cover and its brave filmmakers

Most often when you’re making a documentary film you have the approval of your subjects. You spend so much time with them it would be impossible for them not to know about you. The Cove is a little different though. The film is about the capture and slaughter of dolphins in a cove in Japan. [...]

The debate sparked by documentary film An Inconvenient Truth

Filmmaker David Guggenheim worked with Al Gore on the documentary film An Inconvenient Truth and together they helped to spark a debate about global warming and generate a tidy return at the box office. Ultimately most documentary filmmakers know that their movie isn’t going to change the world but they almost all hope to inform [...]

Documentary films about the West Memphis Three

In 1993 three boys were killed in West Memphis, Arkansas. In 1994 three teenagers were convicted of those crimes. The convictions were protested at the time and ever since activists, celebrities, and others have gotten behind the case of the West Memphis Three, as they’re called. I bring this up because documentary films played such [...]

The amazing documentary film Super Size Me

The trend of documentary filmmakers inserting themselves into the movie and really making it all about them has some upset but as far as I’m concerned it makes the movies better. Super Size Me, a documentary film by Morgan Spurlock, is a great example of that. The premise was simple. He was going to eat [...]

The documentary films of Michael Moore

Michael Moore is unquestionably the most successful documentary filmmaker of all time. His movies have grossed more than the rest of the top 100 documentary films of all time combined. His filmmaking career started with Roger and Me, a 1989 documentary about the joblessness in Flint, Michigan caused by General Motors when they downsized. It [...]

The rising popularity of documentary films

There was a time when it was utterly unheard of for a documentary film to generate even a little money at the box office. That has all changed though, thanks in large part to the efforts of Michael Moore to position them more as entertainment pieces than dry, informative movies. Some might say that the [...]

The highest grossing documentary films

It’s generally a huge success of a documentary film crosses $10 million at the box office. Just a handful in the history of the medium have done so, which makes the success of the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 so amazing. It grossed nearly $120 million in the United States and another $100 million worldwide, making boatloads [...]