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The highest grossing documentary films

It’s generally a huge success of a documentary film crosses $10 million at the box office. Just a handful in the history of the medium have done so, which makes the success of the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 so amazing. It grossed nearly $120 million in the United States and another $100 million worldwide, making boatloads of cash for everyone involved. The movie was perfectly timed around an election and it’s political content ensured it got endless amounts of news coverage, amounting to little more than free press.

March of the Penguins gross more than $127 million in total, making it the second most successful documentary film of all time. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, it tells the tale of penguins as they struggle to care for their young and bring new life into the world in terribly harsh conditions. Other popular documentaries include Earth, Chimpanzee, An Inconvenient Truth, Bowling For Columbine, and Super Size Me.