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Documentary film The Cover and its brave filmmakers

Most often when you’re making a documentary film you have the approval of your subjects. You spend so much time with them it would be impossible for them not to know about you. The Cove is a little different though. The film is about the capture and slaughter of dolphins in a cove in Japan. The dolphins they manage to catch in the cove are sold to aquariums and other attractions around the world. Those they don’t capture or that aren’t suitable for commercial use are slaughtered in the most brutal sight you’ve ever seen and their meat sold.
The Cove is a tough documentary to watch but it’s also an amazing feat. The filmmakers had to get all their footage in secret because the town and the people that make money from slaughtering the dolphins have no interest in anyone around the world seeing what they do. It would ruin their business and the film managed to capture it all, which is just breathtaking.